Knowing the Difference between Goals and Objectives for A Better Future

Knowing the Difference between Goals and Objectives for A Better Future

When you decide to plan something that you want to do in the future, the first step you make is a list of possible wishes you want to reach, those are your goals. However, each specific step you make to achieve your goals are called objectives.

What is a Goal?

Goals are wishes that you have regarding your business, life, or future. Don’t worry if some of them seem to be very ambitious. If you work hard, you will achieve them. For example, a goal can be: “I want to have my own business”; this statement shows you that you have an ambitious plan, but you’re not saying what you will do to make it possible.

Why are goals so important?

Having clear goals, whether in your professional or personal life, is important because it allows you to know where you’re headed to, what you’re focused on, and what you want to get. When you know what you want, you find a way to make it possible and set deadlines; knowing that every time you achieve one goal, you will immediately have another one to achieve.

What is an Objective?

Objectives are each and every step you will make to achieve your goals. They must be taken seriously and go beyond dreams. In most cases, objectives are measurable, they have execution deadlines and are real. For example, you can say; “In 3 months I will have the money I need to create my own business”. Another example would be “In 4 months I will have my first office in which I will develop my idea”.

Why are objectives so important?

Objectives are important because they help you measure the progress of your goals. Without objectives, goals would just look like unreachable dreams. Accomplishing objectives is a great motivator for you and your work team because as you finish, there is a sensation of achievement and you feel closer to the goals you set.

In most cases, both terms are used incorrectly. However, having a clear idea of their meaning is important when planning a business because each term has a different purpose.
Identifying the differences between goals and objectives will allow you to avoid early frustrations and will keep you focused on the progress you get as you go towards your goal.

Go together is starting Keeping together is progress. Working together is success

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